Nadia Afgan’s Punjabi tarka is the most fun thing in Suno Chanda

Nadia Afgan is playing the role of Shahana, a bahu in Karachi from Punjab in Suno Chanda, Ramadan serial by Hum TV.

Most funny and enjoyable character

Nadia’s character is undoubtedly the most fun character as her dialogue delivery is epic and gestures are awesome.

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She is best representing Punjabis as being straight forward and loud. Yes, we are loud. So what? You care? We don’t.

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Her expressions are ultimate love ❤

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Here’s she shared her picture from Arsal’s wedding


Along with her, Farhan Saeed is also doing great as being a son of Punjabi khatoon.. His Punjabi is also everyone’s favorite thing in serial.

At the end, A meme..;)


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