Nasir Khanjan was called “Vulgar” and We Are Not HAPPY!

We all during watching any video of Nasir Khanjan used to think that why is not someone asking him about what he is doing to us? Admit it, we all do think this.

Who is Nasir Khanjan?

Source: Pashto

Nasir Khanjan has been a social media celebrity for a few years and he has started making videos about almost every lame thing from how to eat a fruit to how to dance during bath. People from all around the country and from neighbors are his fans and some are not so much happy with him.

The same thing happened a day ago in a private channel’s morning show where the anchor person was continuously calling him vulgar and accusing him of doing wrong stuff in his videos.

First of all they should not have invited him. If that’s the level of your show then you are the one with no purpose. There are many influencers on social media that have created a difference in people’s life. There are many hardworking students, teachers, doctors, engineers, and other important people who you can invite and have a decent and sober conversation about the issues and the achievements rather you invited him to create a hype and for a cheap publicity stunt. Yeah! They are successful, I am writing a full-fledged article on it. What else they needed?

People are strongly condemning the rude and unprofessional behavior of the anchors and so am I. What is your opinion? Share with us.

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