PADMAN – An informative movie which is banned (Review)


I am not really a great fan of Akshay Kumar and never looked forward to his movies after watching pieces like Khiladi 786 and Singh is Bling. But as PADMAN was banned I really wanted to watch and assess why this decision was taken.

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The movie is a real life story of Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham who  is a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India. He is the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad-making machine and is credited for innovating grassroots mechanisms for generating awareness about traditional unhygienic practices around menstruation in rural India.


For a medium budget movie, Padman is really a fine quality piece. The toughest part is to entertain along with educating people and spreading awareness. The movie targeted a number of social issues ranging from women health to the mindset of society and how people deal with so called taboos. The humor will also keep you entertained throughout the movie and a number of scenes will break your heart.


Akshay Kumar perfectly portrayed the lead role and Radhika Apte was great in the role of a lady who face such societal taboos. Sonam Kapoor was the spark this movie needed.

Overall the movie is entertaining but there are a few flaws that can be ignored.


The song “Aaj se Teri” by Arijit is soulful but no song from PADMAN will be remembered for long.


The movie had no obscene moments, no item numbers, no sex scenes and no abuses. Still the movie is banned in Pakistan. It would be logical to rate the movie as 18+ due to its topic but banning a movie which addresses a social issue and can also educate a great proportion of women who are not aware of hygiene issues and how sanitary issues should be dealt with.

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One Thought to “PADMAN – An informative movie which is banned (Review)”

  1. Asfand Memon

    Majeed may be you are right but let me tell yuo why the movie has banned
    1st) people in pakistan are not comfortable to watch this in theatre
    2nd) now iam writing this in layman language so that you understand this movie tells the story of people rural areas not about the middle-urban, so people who watched this movie in theater are middle-urban.

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