Pakistan is facing One of the Worst Electricity Break Down and People are Losing Nerves..

Today after 12am it started raining but before that, there was usual load shedding but the usual time of one hour became 6 to 12 hours varing in different areas.

People’s reactions on load shedding

People are seriously considering this thing that why they cannot have electricity while its raining outside. What are the reasons and why these reasons are not considered to resolve the issue?

In Pakistan, people are facing the load shedding for past 15 to 20 years and there is still no progress in improving that. The water from rain is not stored and for last 10 years, every year we face floods and huge destruction. People become homeless and suffer a lot but the government has no interest in resolving people’s problems.

If there be dams in every possible place that can benefit the country, the water of rainfall could be stored there and many many issues including load shedding can be resolved. People can get electricity at low prices and can improve their life styles. Which will eventually lead to economic development.

People are literally protesting against 12 hours of continuous load shedding



So, the question is, till when we are going to fsce such situations and do nothing?

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