There’s NO Comparison between Pakistani Dramas and Pathetic Indian Serials

Pakistani dramas always come up with best topics, characters and storylines. Here are some proving points for this…….

1. Highlighting Social Issues

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Pakistani dramas focus on raising the deficiencies of the system rather than putting efforts on Saas Bahu fuss; like in Indian serials. Where most of the story line is how saas is planning evil against her bahu or somewhere bahu is more wicked than her bholi bhali saas and wants her dead! Although, it started to reduce a bit in Colors serials but still there is a lot more irrelevant drama having no solid subject or cause. On the other hand, Pakistani dramas come up with some cause of highlighting the social problems faced by common people. Which in turn, spreads awareness among public.

2. No Tons of Makeover

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The actors pay more attention to the character and indulging in them so they do not go for heavy make over and jewelry but just according to the character’s demand. They keep things simple and easy going. Saying, “easy on the eye”.

3. Wedding events don’t go for months…

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the wedding events just come up in hardly one episode and gets winded up. Its literally, less is more! Rather than, in Indian dramas they start with bloody endless shit and are satisfied with it! How???

4. No Case of Plastic Surgery or Coming Back from Death

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Indian serials are best known for their characters death and coming back to life with some plastic surgery. On other hand, Pakistani serials are not into this kind of shit.

5. Awesome OSTs


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You must have witnessed some best title tracks from dramas which may have made space in your playlists, as I have a number of them. Whereas, Indian serials most of the time works with their film tracks.

6. No “dham dham.. blah blah” effect

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Unlike Indian serials, Pakistani serials don’t use these weird effects to enhance a scene’s intensity, in negative way. They work way more real and keep them simple.

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