Pakistani Media’s Eventually Menifesting Its True Colors

Media has very important role in making change and betterment of people. Whereas, our Pakistani Media is now a days just chasing high rating but no ethics or authenticity is on their behalves. There are multiple cases in history; not so far history in fact, but just in last few years where media related people had used their power in wrong ways.

People know that media has power to express anything they come by and they can reveal anything they want. Although, through media, many action have taken place that seemed to be the impossibilities. But rather than using that power and potential for better, media is running in the race to stand first in showing the news update before anyone else.

A couple of days ago, a mainstream media group GEO News reporter, Ahmed Faraz personally attacked a traffic police officer in his office. The footage got leaked and got viral on social media where the whole activity is clearly showing. People used the    hashtag for showing their concerns for the officer and asking Talat Hussain to utter some words for this. People are asking Geo Gardi band kro and want some justice.

Here is the footage where you can see that shameless act




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