Places to visit in the world’s 2nd most Beautiful Capital

It is considered that Islamabad is the 2nd most beautiful capital city of the world. If you have visited Islamabad, you would agree with that. If you haven’t, you should visit it because it is worth to visit undoubtedly. Here are some places you must visit when you go to Islamabad.

1. Faisal Mosque


Faisal Mosque is one of the top places to visit in Islamabad right next to the famous Margalla HIlls. It was the biggest Mosque in the world when it was built in 1986. It is still one of the biggest Mosques in the world. The more interesting thing about this Mosque is its architecture. It is also rated as one of the very best designed Mosques of the world. It covers a lot of area and capacity of the Mosque is about 2,50,000 worshipers at a time.

2. Margalla Hills

Margalla hills is a compulsory place to go and the scenery when you drive up to to Margalla hills is so eye-catching. It is all nature that is all around you. It takes a lot for a driver to drive on that famous Pir Sohawa Road with tricky turns.

3. Daman-e-Koh Park

Daman e Koh Park is the first stop in Margalla Hills. It is a site where you can stand and see the whole Islamabad City under you. The view looks even more glamorous at night.

4. Monal Restaurant

Next place up on Margalla Hills is Monal Restaurant. It about 1100 meters above from sea level and it is an open to nature place to eat while enjoying the majestic view of the great city of Islamabad.

5. Lake View Park

Lake view park is a spot for picnic or other recreational activities as well as a spot for wildlife. It is located along the famous Rawal Dam of Islamabad. You can enjoy your picnic here with a heart touching view of the Rawal Dam.

6. Jinnah Super Market

Jinnah Super Market is a local market but the way it is designed is so attracting. It is doughnut shaped market with all types of shops on out circle and the inner circle is famous for jewelry shops and local Dhaba restaurants.

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