PLANTATION DRIVE in Karachi – to combat heat wave


We are witnessing the hottest era of our lifetime. I am 28 years old and lived all my life in Karachi (except a couple of years in Gulf) and I have never seen such hot days back in my childhood. I am sure all my fellow Karachiites will agree with me here. It has been observed that the excessive plantation of a specific tree which destroyed our ecosystem.

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All the people living in Karachi already know that no one is gonna help them. So its time for us to take charge. For that team Comics By Majid – CBM (actually a bunch of friends) will be starting a plantation drive exactly after Ramadan. Here’s the complete video message detailing the Plantation Drive



Please join our cause and help us make Karachi Green. The time period is decided to be after eid as people are usually not available during the holy month of Ramadan. We will start reminding you from 27th of Ramadan. Till then just collect seeds and encourage others to join us.


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