Promise To Make this Independence Day – Part 2

Pakistan is rejoicing its 71st Independence Day this year and that makes me question about the kind of citizen we have been. We all kill maximum time complaining about our country, but none of our actions was productive. We have done nothing to contribute to our country and become a better citizen. Not much! There are so many things we could do, in my everyday life, that would indirectly do some good for the entire country.

So, here I am, with a thought-out list of a few easy changes that I can make in my everyday life to make this country a better place. I ‘ll do this article in parts because it is not easy to take all by once. You can check Part 1 here. Now let’s jump into the post.

Pay The Taxes On Time

It’s just around the corner guys, August 31st is the due date! And I know it can be tedious, I spent quite a few days figuring my filing out. But isn’t it for a better nation?

Stay In Your Lane When You Drive

This would be so effective in reducing traffic in the city. If everyone just obeyed the traffic rules and stayed in their lane, driving would get less stressful.

Use The Public Transport

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Using the public transport may require a bit more planning, but in the long run, it is a great way to save our environment.

Make Way For The Ambulance

Basic human decency, to be honest, yet it is infuriating to watch people tailgate an ambulance just to get out of a traffic jam. Don’t be that guy.

Buy More Pakistani Products

The ‘Made In Pakistan’ campaign sure has a point. It makes me feel way nice when I buy products made by Pakistani brands who are working towards making my country a better economy.

Little things do matter and now’s the time to think about these. These are the  5 more promises we have to make ourselves this year. Follow these and make our Pakistan a better place for everybody. Come back for 5 more real soon. Stay Tuned.

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