Promises To Make This Independence Day – Part 3

Happy Independence Day Folks! Pakistan is rejoicing its 71st Independence Day this year and that makes me question about the kind of citizen we have been. We all kill maximum time complaining about our country, but none of our actions was productive. We have done nothing to contribute to our country and become a better citizen. Not much! There are so many things we could do, in my everyday life, that would indirectly do some good for the entire country.

So, here I am, with a thought-out list of a few easy changes that I can make in my everyday life to make this country a better place. I ‘ll do this article in parts because it is not easy to take all by once.  You can check Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Now let’s jump into the post.

Use The Power Of Social Media, Carefully

There is so much negativity on the internet, and I’ve vowed to make it a safe space. Why spread hate when people are craving for love?

Voice Out Your Opinions

Speak up when you see something going wrong. From people spitting and urinating on the roads to smoking in public spaces, I’ve decided to voice my opinions.

Support a cause, any cause. Teach kids in your society, donate food to the slums near your house, support a child’s education. You will feel so fulfilled with this work that your life will get a new meaning.

Save Water & Electricity

Shorter showers and turning off the light when I move into the next room are my new mantra. Sometimes, I leave the bathroom light on when I go to bed because I’m scared of the dark, so instead, I’ve switched to a night light which consumes less electricity.

Save Fuel & Depleting Resources

Walk short distances. Offer a lift to a friend if you’re going in the same direction. Turn off the air-conditioning if the weather is pleasant. Switch to CNG from petrol and diesel.

These are 5 more promises we have to make ourselves this year. Follow these and make our Pakistan a better place for everybody. For 10 more promises visit Part 1 and Part 2. Stay Tuned.

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