Promises to Make this Independence Day

Pakistan is rejoicing its 71st Independence Day this year and that makes me question about the kind of citizen we have been. We all kill maximum time complaining about our country, but none of our actions was productive. We have done nothing to contribute to our country and become a better citizen. Not much! There are so many things we could do, in my everyday life, that would indirectly do some good for the entire country.

So, here I am, with a thought-out list of a few easy changes that I can make in my everyday life to make this country a better place. I ‘ll do this article in parts because it is not easy to take all by once. Now let’s jump into the post.

 Stop With The Garbage

Littering is something most of us do because there is already trash on the side of the road, so what difference does it make? And even if we don’t litter, we look the other way when a friend does. Well, if I don’t start the change, it might never take place.

Try Living Eco-Friendly

Organic veggies, fruits, and even recycling water or nurturing a potted plant. There are so many ways you can turn eco-friendly. I recently started composting in a tub in my balcony and it is surprisingly easy!

Always Cast Your Vote

The first and most basic way in which we can all make a difference. It is not just our responsibility, but also a power and a privilege.

Switch To Cloth Bags

This could turn into a style statement! Carry a cute cloth bag with you every time you go grocery shopping. I picked up one from the market this weekend and it is actually way cheaper than plastic bags in the long run.

Get The Car Checked Regularly

Getting your car checked regularly, especially a pollution test, is an effective way of keeping your city’s air clean.

These are the first 5 promises we have to make ourselves this year. Follow these and make our Pakistan a better place for everybody. Come back for 5 more real soon. Stay Tuned.

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