3 Quick Beauty Hacks

What is the point of makeup when it can’t come to your rescue when you need it the most? Today in this article we will share some useful no time tips, tricks and alternatives to your everyday makeup. They are easy quick and affordable but will still look like you have put in a lot of effort. These hacks promise to be absolute saviours when you are pushed for time.

No More Oil

All oily girls out there know that lugging around a tub of loose powder and a brush everywhere is just not convenient. But we have come up with a perfect solution for this. Liberally dust loose powder onto some tissues, fold them and put them in your wallet. Next time you spot pesky patches for oil turning up, just use one of these tissues. Dab it all over your face to absorb oil and mattify your face.

Renew Your Sponges

We cannot stress enough on the importance of cleaning your makeup tools after every use. makeup sponges being the most important makeup tool usually is used dirty most of the times. It is impossible to get rid of all the gunk in your makeup sponge in one go with just one rinse so here is our quick hack. Take a cup full of water, dunk in your beauty sponge and microwave it for one minute. You will notice that all the makeup stains will have come right off the beauty sponge and it will look like a new one again.

Wing it Right

We all know the woes of achieving the winged liner. It takes forever. Somedays one wing is longer and somedays the other one is thicker. They just don’t match no matter how hard you try. What you can do instead is take your angled brush and black eyeshadow and fake a wing as per your requirements. When you are done with a perfect one you can trace it with your favourite eyeliner. Also, clean the unevenness with makeup remover and voila! you got your perfect wing.

These three hacks will sort you out if you are in a rush. Comment your beauty hacks in rush. Stay tuned for more.

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