Race 3’s 3-minute trailer cheesed off the audience

I am sure you have watched the trailer of Race 3, if not, its here.

I am going to talk about this piece of disappointment by Bollywood. To remind you, all bollywood films are banned to release on Eid for to weeks. Actually, I usually do not write on these type of things but after watching it, I thought it will be fun to review it. Lets start from the start. (What the hell has happened to me? Is it because of watching the trailer? huh? May be…. Never mind.)

Lets start…

Acha.. “Yh Race, Zindagi ki Race ha”….. So, was I wrong? Lets see…

“Kisi Ki Zindagi ly k hi Khatam hogi”… Oops.. Salman Khan is very angry.. He’s gonna kill someone.. Race to lgani ha na, registration k pesy diye hongy.. #AchaSorry.

One thing I never understood, why is Bollywood obsessed with too much cars and then breaking their glasses. Huh? Never knew.

So, “Back to the Race”… And Salman Khan is gonna jump. Told you! Flying race ha yh.. Okay, move on….

“Welcome back to the Race”, guys!

What is with rotating your bike around you and firing all around you. How about picking the bike up and circulate it in air? No? Okay.

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Ary bhai, uthty sath goliyan chalany lg gaye ap.. Ya bhung pee hui ha ap na? I can’t decide what’s it!


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Ary ary, bhai k tashan to dekho. Wah wah!

Well, Salman Khan kills number of enemies with one or two gestures and wow. Question is, will it be a real action or as usual? Hmmm?

Well, next is Salman Khan’s dialogue, where he says, “Pariwar k liye….. blah blah blah”. Agay apko pta hi hoga..

Yes, you can do anything for your family, and I know you will never step back for taking anyone’s life for it. Afterall, its Race.

Here is Anil Kapoor’s entry, a bombastic entry from plane with a dozen of his suited booted guards, but with a very phateechar dialogue. Why he has made his voice so heavy, is it gonna change the influence of those ajeeb ajeeb words? No… Actually, we are getting angry, very angry, that how the hell you fired a single bullet to set the man on bike in flames. Kahin us na apny uper acid to nhi dala hua tha? Pta nhi.. These Bollywood logics..

Now, it Jaculine’s turn, yeah she is hot. Spreading too much wahiyati, she just knocked down a suited booted man with one kick? Another dialogue! And then you will see that Salman Khan asked for her hand, not for shaadi, then for what? Oh okay, its just trailer. Ok..

Daisy Shah, again appeared with Salman bhai. After spreading too much wahiyati Hate Story 3, she is now part of Race 3. What is wrong with her? Why has she cut her dress? Oh, may be for making herself comfortable to shoot a ghareeb, miskeen person. And the most bloody, haha, dialogue, so funny.. Hamary business pr koi nazar daaly, wo hmain manzoor nhi, Our business is our business, none of your businesses. Hahaha.. Who writes such dialogues? And how?

And you cast a ajeeb sa banda, who fires at both sides of the car and blow them off? Awww. And his dialogue, I am sick of this Sikko (Sikandar).

Bobby Deol, talking about business. He do not need enemies, who need enemies? Han? Whooo?

Salman Khan is surrounded by gun mans from all sides, and we all know he will figure something out. Hehe…

You don’t need enemies, when you have family?

What’s this? In start you said, for family you can kill anyone and now, your family is enemy? What the hell is going on?

Saif Ali Khan’s dialogue was remade and it was such a disappointment. Totally bogus dialogue to end, “Jis race sa mjhy nikalny ki bat kr rhy hain yh bewakoof, wo nhi janty, us race ka sikandar main hu.” 

And the last minute was full of chuss action scenes and last scene? Two cars, one car, then again two cars? Too much gaps. Too much ambiguities.. What to say.

These 3 minutes were cancer, but writing about them was a lot of fun….



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