Ramadan Deals 2018 for Sehri & Iftar

Ramadan is a month of blessings and peace. Along with mandatory prayers, food plays an important role during is month. So, we foodies tend to find some good deals to bless our stomach with good food at reasonable prices. Here are some sehri and iftar deals for the residents of Karachi. Don’t forget to share your meal with everyone. We all know that you’re looking for deals to go out with your friends and family. There are many deals and discounts offered by eateries this year, they are trying to make this Ramadan blessed with attractive deals.

-Burger King

They are offering 3 deals, deal for 1, deal for 2 and deal for 4. Price range is starting from Rs.499/- only.


Don’t miss out this chance to visit do darya before it vanishes. Their buffet is for Rs.2190/- (plus tax).

-Dunkin’ Donuts

A mouth watering special deal only for Rs.499/-

-California Pizza

ALL YOU CAN EAT only for Rs.899/-, how can anyone miss this offer?

-Burger O’ Clock

They are offering 5 deals and an iftaar platter, the starting price is Rs.430/-

-The Sauce Burger Cafe

Whether it’s sehri or iftar, they’ve got it covered! Surprisingly, the prices are reasonable, too. The starting price is Rs.600/-


-Vintage – On the go

They are offering 6 deals and the starting price range is Rs.399/-


They only have 2 deals, moreover they are available on both timings i.e sehr and iftar.

-Pita The Shawarma Revolution

They are offering 4 mega deals that serves 2,6,9 and 12 people. Usually, eateries keep deals that serves 4 or maximum 6 people. Anyway, the price range is starting from Rs.999/-


They are offering a deal for Rs.1350/- that includes a range of scrumptious food


They are serving sehri and iftar, the sehri menu is a la carte and itfar is buffet for Rs.1450/- per head.

-Burger Lab

They are offering 2 deals, the starting price is Rs.995/- only.


If you’re looking for a desi buffet, here’s a steal deal for you guys. The price is Rs.1600/- for adults and Rs.800/- for children per head.

-K Town Burger Co.

ALL YOU CAN EAT only for Rs.899/- (plus tax) per head. This buffet is definitely worth trying! They also have 2 deals if you’re not up for all you can eat.


Buffet for the first 5 days of Ramdan, the price range is different according to each day, this offer is only valid for Kababjees at Do Darya. If you’re not in the mood for buffet, you can avail 30% off on their a la carte menu for the first 5 days.


When desi and fast food becomes boring. Go for iftar at Cocochan, their buffet is for Rs.1990/-.

-Paramount Fine Foods PK

Glorify your taste buds with Middle Eastern Cuisine. All you can eat for 1395/- (plus tax).


-Ranoush Villa

Another Ramadan buffet for Rs.1399/- (plus tax)


I love their tag line, their buffet is for Rs.1685/-.

-Daily Dubai Restaurant

Iftar and dinner buffet for Rs.1490/-

-Copacabana Churrascaria

Meet meat this Ramadan. All you can eat for Rs.1599/- (plus tax)

-NewYork Coffee

They have a bogo deal


Their menu is drool worthy, the price of their buffet is Rs.1595/-

-Pizza Hut

XL family deal has an amazing deal, when you buy a meal for yourself, you actually donate a meal to someone in need at the same time.

-Lush Crush

Ramadan in summer season is tough, get yourself some popsicle to chill it out.

-The Golden Bowl

They only have 2 deals and the starting price is Rs.550/-

-La Chine

Flat 40% off on entire menu, this is a steal deal!


50% on entire menu for the first 10 days of Ramadan


Buffet for Rs.1485/- (plus tax)


There are 2 deal that serves 2 and 4 people. The price range is from Rs.2995/-

-Chips Fast Food

There are 6 deals to choose from, the starting price is only Rs.300/-

-Chop Soy

Ramadan buffet for Rs.899/-

-Sultan The Royal Eatery

They have reduced prices for the first 10 days of Ramadan and the starting price is Rs.995/-

-The Valley

Iftar buffet for Rs.1695/- for adults and Rs.795/- for children

-Picollo Ucello

They are serving complimentary iftar

-Cafe Zouk

Iftar cum dinner for Rs.1449/-

-Solen Istanbul

They are offering 3 deals, for the price range starting from Rs.275/-


Desi Chinese buffet only for Rs.399/-

-Del Frio

Iftar buffet for Rs.1295/- (plus tax)

-Lal Qila

They have divided buffet into 2 halves, iftar plus dinner and only dinner.

-Chop Chop Wok

You can choose a deal for yourself, the starting price is Rs.990/-

-Vintage Cafe

Iftar buffet is for Rs.1499/- (plus tax) with an amazing menu

-Pizza Point

They have 4 deals and the starting price is Rs.222/-

-Chaaye Khana

Iftar platter for Rs.525/- only and there is 20% off on everything else


They have 2 deals that serves 1 and 2, the price is starting from Rs.899/-

-Jonny Rockets

Buy one get one free on entire menu

-Bella Vita

Ramadan feast for Rs.1250/- (plus tax)


Iftar platter for Rs.1495/-


All you can eat, sehri buffet for Rs.999/- per head for adults and Rs.650/- for kids.

-Cafe Liquiteria

All you can eat sehri for Rs.449/- (plus tax) and all you can eat dinner for Rs.599/- (plus tax). They also have some deals.

-Coffee Wagera

They are serving an iftar platter for Rs.390/- and 10% off on everything till the first 10 days of Ramadan.

-Cafe Bistrovia

All you can eat for Rs.689/-

-The Cricket Club Cafe

They have a deal for Rs.1700/-


Iftar platter for 2 just for Rs.799/-


Happy Eating! 🙂

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