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I would never agree to watch a movie of Tiger Shroff in theater but it was a bad day I guess and I decided to watch BAAGHI 2. But before starting my review I would like to give my disclaimer. I am not a great critic and I am not qualified to judge the screenplay and other technical issues. My review will only tell you what an ordinary person will feel watching this movie.

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Captain Ronny Singh (Tiger Shroff) was asked by his ex Neha Mathur (Disha Patani) to look for her kidnapped daughter as nobody else was helping her. Ronny slowly unfolds the mystery of 3 year old Riya’s kidnapping and the culprits behind it.


The movie seemed to be sweet in the beginning as a love story was shown with Atif Aslam’s song. Slowly it started becoming confusing. You can see the twists and turns from a mile away. The story is predictable and same as we have seen in a few hundred movies. I know you already don’t expect a lot from Tiger Shroff but you will feel bad on how amazing actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda are wasted in this movie.

Randeep Hooda was useless like a white color pencil throughout the movie and we have seen a lot of cops like him in movies pulling off the trigger on the last moment. He was added just for a few laughs in the movie.

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The action sequences seemed impressive at first but in a total run-time of 2 hours and 25 minutes you will start hating how a guy is able to kill around 800 men in the movie. Even if you grew up watching Arnold and Stallone in your teenage you won’t be able to digest the type of action sequences shown in the jungle. If such a movie was made in the 90s starring Sunil Shetty it would definitely have worked back then. The audience is mature now and will prefer realistic action the way shown in John Wick.

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Atif’s song is there in the movie trying to give life to this mindless action movie but failed miserably. Jacqueline’s EK DO TEEN looked cringeworthy and even a high level desperate guy will look here and there just to avoid watching her rib-cage. The song was forced in the movie and didn’t make any difference.


As I mentioned above that the movie is predictable and you will see twists and turns from a mile away but the reason behind the kidnapping will make you realize that you wasted the ticket money. You will also wonder why the movie was named Baaghi 2. There was nothing rebellious but just a loverboy fighting the guys involved in kidnapping.


Watch BAAGHI 2 only if you can download it from torrent and you have nothing better to do. This movie made me wonder what will happen in the Rambo remake starring Tiger Shroff. . .

He will say “RAMBOGIRI ! Auron ko aati nahi aur meri jati nahi”





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