The story is all about love and its different manifestations. It tells us what happens when love gets poisonous with the hatred.

This Love Saga revolves around Sabeen, Mustafa and Shahzain. Sabeen is a young girl, who had faced bad luck since the day she was born. As she lost her mother at her delivery and she was fed by a woman who was a prostitute. So, she faces the hatred of her Aunt Nafisa in this regard. Sabeen loves her cousin Mustafa but he loves someone else. This triangle love gets its third corner with Shahzain who is Sabeen’s Phuphuzad cousin and loves Sabeen a lot. Shahzain is money minded by nature and his materialistic approach creates a distance between him and Sabeen.

When Sabeen refused Shahzain and chose middle class Mustafa as her life partner, Shahzain gets upset and makes it his ego problem. At Sabeen’s wedding day, Mustafa’s accident and his life saving operation cost her too much to Sabeen and she begs the money from Shahzain and he makes a deal of two-night stay with her at his farm house. Sabeen agrees to the deal to rescue the life of her love Mustafa. But when Mustafa gets recovered and they were getting married. Shahzain again call Sabeen to blackmail her and ask her for the last 3rd night she has agreed according to the deal. At this point Mustafa ‘s another lover cousin Sobia calls Mustafa and send him to the farmhouse. Obviously, Mustafa gets upset and refuse to marry Sabeen. Sabeen’s father got a heart attack and dies and she forced to live with her Phupho and Shahzain’s house. Where Shahzain’s abroad based friend Shanzay wants to marry Shahzain but after different twists and turns at the end she left and Shahzain gets married to Sabeen. That’s how this love story comes to its end.

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