Right Ways to Gain Weight

We have already done a few posts on losing weight but in this article, we will focus on healthy tips to gain weight. For those who need to, gaining weight is as hard a task, as losing it is for others. People often believe that cramming their faces with junk and fried foods will do the trick, but tragically that only leads to tragic ailments. In this article, we will talk about the right ways to gain weight.

Go Nuts Over Nutrients


The best way to gain weight is to eat nutrients dense, natural foods that are unprocessed for every meal. A few examples of these are potatoes, whole grains such as brown rice, and pulses such as kidney beans. Avoid empty calorie foods like sugars and aerated drinks, as they only create havoc in the digestive system.

Combine Proteins with Carbs


You don’t only require proteins, but also a good combination of carbohydrates. The combo will help your body build a stronger and better muscle mass. They will give you energy in a slow and sustained pattern while feeding your muscles as well. And that’s how you bulk up.

Make Good Choices

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You can do this by choosing to eat good fats. Fats are a good source of energy, to help build a good muscle mass. Always remember that coconut in any form, is a great source of fats as it provides instant energy, that too without taxing your liver. Instead of having extremely processed fats in the forms of refined oils go for wholesome fats.

Eat Small

To up your appetite, try eating small portions of nutrients dense meals like sweet potatoes, nuts and potato salad as opposed to eating big heavy meals at once. It may seem that you are eating a lot at first, but your body will soon get accustomed to it and only began to feel hungry when the mealtime approaches.

That’s it from today’s article. We hope it helped you in some way. If you want a part 2 of this, let us know in the comments.

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