Salman Khan Gets Bailed After Spending Two Nights In Jail

All social media platforms were a hot place after Salman Khan got into jail for years back poaching case. Salman Khan had to spend two nights in the Jodhpur Central Jail after his sentencing on Thursday. The latest news is now Salman Khan gets bail. Adding to this he is likely to be released this evening.

Salman Khan holds the heart of a large population in India and in Pakistan as well. As the star was in jail his fans and co-workers were in a constant struggle to get him out of jail no matter what. Consequently, the social media became the platform for everyone to share their feelings.

Seems like Salman Khan is all over the place on Social Media.

Here is how public reacted to his bail

Here is how Celebrities reacted to Salman Khan’s Bail

Seems like Salman Khan’s fans are eager to see him free of all allegations. What’s your take on this bail? Let us know in the comments.

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