SANJU is a Real Treat for You with RK nailing it.. BUT WAITTT, It leaked on the Day of its Release.. “In HD..”

Sanju; a Bio-pic of Sanjay Dutt made by Raj Kumar Hirani released and is roaring in cinemas. People are so much liking it as the story line is so strong and Ranbir Kapoor did his best acting representing a real person’s life.

But me myself believe in one thing that an actor’s acting fully depends on the director. Its not the actor who acts but the director who made him/her do that and I am personally a big fan of Raju uncle in the way of his work.

via: The Indian Express

Although, film showed just the positive aspects of Sanjay Dutt’s life and showed him a humble, unpraised person to whom you will place your sympathies for. But by just keeping it simple, it was a great film with great acting of everyone.

So, I am feeling some bad for the film makers due to tha leaked torrent file of the film the same day it released and more in it is that the film is in HD. So, are people gonna watch it at home rather than going to cinema? Definitely! But the praising will remain there for the whole team.

Althiugh the link has been removed but can be uploaded again. Keep trying people!



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