Shah Hussain, the 23-times stabber talked to media shamelessly and left everyone stupefy

Shah Hussain was accused of being guilty of attempted murder of his fellow law student Khadija Siddiqui. He was sentenced for seven years in prison for his crime. But in extraordinary terms, he was acquitted by LHC by the lawyers statements that it was Khadija Siddiqi who perused him on the basis of a letter she written at 17.

Here is the attacker Shah Hussain, the blackmailer!

In the country, having more than 1000 cases of “honor killing” per year, this case has been become the cause célèbre. According to Khadija Siddiqi’s lawyer Hassaan Niazi, it is the worst form of honor killing.

After High Court acquitted Shah Hussain, Khadija did not stop and she and her lawyers took the case to Supreme Court which was accepted.

After this act, Shah Hussain opened his mouth to talk in his favor. He shamelessly was talking about him not being guilty and this whole case was of no importance. Although he did not deny his attack to the victim and he shamelessly made fun of the women who raise voices against violence by saying “haye main lutt gai, haye main mar gai.”

Here is Siddiqui’s lawyer Hassaan Niazi saying about this


Here is the complete video of his press conference

Here, I just want to say that he did a terrible thing. A terrible, terrible thing and still got guts to speak. How? How he was able to face the public? Wasn’t he a little bit ashamed of this senseless act of crime?

These are the things Pakistani women are facing daily. Some’s got exposed, some’s does not! Thing is how to give respect to women and listen to them, rather than assaulting them. LHC acquitted Shah Hussain by disgracing Khadija by saying she was involved with him. They were dealing with her like she was the one with loose character.

Giving respect to women and listening to them and performing justice in the thing we need. We desperately need!

We stand with Khadija Siddiqi.. #JusticeForKhadija

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