SPF in foundation enough for sun protection??

We have seen SPF in foundations, bb creams and even face powders. Usually, its SPF 15 written on most of the foundation. But have you ever read and focused on what the foundation really claims about SPF? In this article, I will tell you guys what the makeup companies claim wrong.

Most of the foundation has SPF 15 in 1 ml of the product. Which means 1ml of the foundation is going to give you sun protection up to 15 SPF. We have done the experiment and came up with the result which we would love to share with our audience.


We usually use one to two pumps of foundations to get our required coverage and coverup our full face and neck too at times. But we need to apply 1 ml of the product to get that sun screening effect.

How much is 1 ml of the product?

According to our measurement, 1ml of liquid foundation is 11 – 12 pumps of the product.

Trust me, if you apply more than four pumps of the foundation your foundation will start to cake up. It will never ever absorb in your skin. Same goes for a 1gram face powder.

How much is a liquid foundation in a bottle??

I have a couple of foundations and all of them are 30ml of product in the bottle. That means if you start using foundation for your sun screening your foundation will end up in a month and your face powder might end up in a week.


Considering all the knowledge we have shared, sunscreen in a foundation isn’t enough. You need to apply a sunscreen for your sun protection all day. You can definitely use the foundation with an SPF for the added effect but it isn’t enough to give you complete sun protection.

Yeah, so that was our take on SPFin a foundation. We hope that was helpful for you. Do write to us about your beauty related queries and we will surely get back to you.

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