This Ramzan, stay hydrated!

Ramzan in summer is a blessing for us. And with that, staying hydrated is an issue.

Specially, for a person like me, who has acne problem. I catch acne in this month, and then cure it for the other 11 months. Here are some tips I am gonna take this month, if you are up-to this then you can also give it a try.

1. Avoid taking juice to break your fast

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Literally, do not drink juice at once to break the fast, other than, drink water. Sugary drink will fill up your stomach and will not be able to intake more water and this will lead to dehydration.

2. Stick with water

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Water is the best way to keep yourselves hydrated and to function your all body parts properly. It will keep your nutrients dissolved and keep your skin and mind fresh.

3. Avoid Salty foods

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You must reduce the amount of salt in your foods. Salt triggers thirst during the fasting hours of the day.

4. Carry half-liter bottle of water with you when you are up-to Traweeh


Drink water during traweeh because it takes a long time. So do not waste that time for in-taking water.

5. Add fruits and other water containing food to your aftar list

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Eat fresh fruit and vegetables rich in water. That will suppress your thirst in the hours of fast.

6. Do not drink too much water in one go

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Seriously, avoid taking 3 to 4 glass of water at once. Your body is not going to use that. Instead take small portions with meal and other time of the night and Sehri.

Have a very blessed and happy Ramzan!

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