Summer Essentials For Staying Fit And Healthy

Getting and staying fit is the essential way to ensure a long healthy life. With summer just around the corner here are 4 tips on everything. From what to eat, drink and how to workout to get you summer ready.


Back against the wall, feet in front and just sit. Stay tall. Shoulders against the wall. Basically sitting on a chair without a chair. Makes sense now? Do this for one complete minute and its gonna give you lovely body structure. Leave your hands free.

  • Remember to Breath.
  • Keep your core engaged.
  • Keep holding.

And you are done.

Eat Lot of Colours

Now that your workout is done, letโ€™s get you something fresh and healthy to eat.

Mix some oranges, Kiwis and Pomegranate in a bowl and serve up some good health.

Oranges: Facilitate healthier skin and prevent ageing

Kiwi: Hydrate Hairs and Rejuvenates skin

Pomegranate: treat hair loss and cures pimple & acne

Drink Up

Along with exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, donโ€™t forget to hydrate. Today we have the most basic recipe for a detox water.

All you need is a cucumber, lime, watermelon and a little mint. Slice these up and toss them in a pitcher and then you can refrigerate it. And now you have a pitcher packed with vitamins and minerals that you can sip on whole day.

Watermelon: Flushes out all the toxins from the skin

Cucumber: Prevents water retention

Lemon: ensures digestion

Mint: Aids Digestion

Cool Down

Well everyone deserves to be rewarded and here is a healthy alternative to beat the heat. All you need is some

  • Frozen pineapple 400g
  • 1 banana sliced
  • 1 tsp coconut milk
  • Honey

Blend pineapple and banana together. Keeping a check on consistency add coconut milk to it and blend again. Top it with a bit of honey. Refrigerate it and you are good to go. This Icecream is healthier than you can think.

Pineapple: Cures a cough and cold

Banana: Instant energy booster

Coconut Milk: Restores and supports thyroid function

Honey: Boosts your memory

Follow these steps and have a healthy, happy and hydrated summer.

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