Suno Chanda 2 – Why So Over-acting and Over-romancing?

Last Ramzan, Hum TV network brought a perfect sitcom on our TV screens. In a pile of emotional and heavy storyline dramas, this drama was a blessing for all of us. To refresh our minds and make us laugh hard. The drama got some amazing hits from its day 1. The actors including Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, Nadia Afgan, Samina Ahmed, and my favorite Farah Shah along with Mizna Waqas and Adnan Shah Tipu made us laugh and love them in such an amazing way. Some characters were also there which we didn’t like but they had their contribution. Overall the drama was perfect and best depiction of a happy joint family.

After the huge success and too much demand, the producers decided to come with a season two this year. All of us were so much excited and wanted to see our favorite on-screen couple of Ajiya and Arsal again. Their typical nok jhonk made us be in love with them and we wanted to see more of them after they got married at the end of season 1.

Despite our all hopes, after a few episodes, we started realizing that they took the whole Ajiya Arsal fights to next level, I mean at the level which was not even digestible for us. Things got much worse than expectations and all we did was getting irritated by their shouting and throwing things on each other.

Well, this was the part where they fight, then there is another thing that is way more annoying is their weird romantic scenes. Which in my opinion, were not much romantic, maybe because we are not used to in watching them so close to each other. lol.

But I will watch this drama. I will watch it for Channo ( Nadia Afgan ), Neema Meesni ( Farah Shah ), Jalal payen ( Adnan Shah Tipu ), Nazakat chacha ( Sohail Sameer ), DJ ( Sami ), and Bee Jan ( Samina Ahmed ). And for the record, I still hate Kinza and Sherry, they are too mummy daddy. And I loved the new character of Mithu ( Raza Taalish ) who is portraying a mommy’s boy in such a lovely style.

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