Table Manners In France

Mastering table manners are the primary step towards being gracious and cultured. When arranging your cutlery in the incorrect place after a meal, chopping the lettuce in your salad, and even putting your hands under the table as you eat may seem inoffensive at home and in the companionship of those you know. But it can be really embarrassing in other countries. To protect you from any kind of discomfort and save you from the conspicuous looks from those around you, we deliver you a quick and comprehensive guide to basic table manners around the world!

We will be doing a series of Table Manners of around the world. And so this article is dedicated to France.

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– Keeping your hands on the table where they are visible to everyone seated with you is considered a basic eating etiquette here.

– If you want to follow basic table manners, wait for the host to make a toast before you take your first sip.


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– Start drinking unless everyone has a full glass in front of them. Drinking with everyone is considered good dining etiquette.

– Touch your food with your fingers, especially cheese. In France, it is basic dining etiquette to appreciate what you eat.

– Cross clink your glass (over or under other people’s hands); it’s considered bad luck. Clinking it straight is what terms as table manners.

These are a few does and don’ts of dining in France. We hope it was somehow helpful for you. If you have learnt something from these let us know in comments and stay tuned for table manners from other countries.

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