Table Manners In Italy

Mastering table manners is the primary step towards being gracious and cultured. When arranging your cutlery in the incorrect place after a meal, chopping the lettuce in your salad, and even putting your hands under the table as you eat may seem inoffensive at home and in the companionship of those you know. But it can be really embarrassing in other countries. To protect you from any kind of discomfort and save you from the conspicuous looks from those around you, we deliver you a quick and comprehensive guide to basic table manners around the world!

We are doing a series of Table Manners of around the world. And if you have missed the previous ones check the one on France and Japan. Today it is dedicated to Italy. So here we go.



– Pass all dishes to the left of the table.

– If you want to follow their table etiquette, keep your wrists on the table, but not your elbows, and avoid crossing your hands.

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– Remember that red wine goes with the meat and white wine goes with the fish; this is to bring out individual flavours of the dishes and the wines when paired together. Appreciating your wine is an essential part of table etiquette here


– Begin the meal until the host says “Buòn appetito!”

– Chop long strands of pasta. Instead of twirling it with a fork before eating is considered dining etiquette.

These are a few does and don’ts of dining in Italy. We hope it was somehow helpful for you. If you have learnt something from these let us know in comments and stay tuned for table manners from other countries.

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