Table Manners in Japan

Mastering table manners is the primary step towards being gracious and cultured. When arranging your cutlery in the incorrect place after a meal, chopping the lettuce in your salad, and even putting your hands under the table as you eat may seem inoffensive at home and in the companionship of those you know. But it can be really embarrassing in other countries. To protect you from any kind of discomfort and save you from the conspicuous looks from those around you, we deliver you a quick and comprehensive guide to basic table manners around the world!

We will be doing a series of Table Manners of around the world. And so as this is the first article, we are starting from the land of Sushi, Japan.


– Fixing your chopsticks on the chopstick rest or hashioki, or right next to your bowl, when you’re done eating is a basic table manner of this place. Make sure it’s not faced to anyone at the table, and that you don’t use them to signal or point it at anyone when you’re speaking.

– Many restaurants give wet towels before beginning a meal; use it to clean your hands, and then wrap it, and keep it aside as part of dining etiquette.

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– Sticking them vertically into your bowl of rice is considered rude in their dining etiquette, as it is extremely offensive.

– Passing food to a person, from one chopstick to another, is considered bad table manners because at funerals chopsticks are used to pick bones from the ashes of the deceased and pass it to another person, or while transferring it into the pot.

These are a few does and don’ts of dinning in Japan. We hope it was somehow helpful for you. If you have learnt something from these let us know in comments and stay tuned for table manners from other countries,

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