Table Manners In Thailand

Mastering table manners is the primary step towards being gracious and cultured. When arranging your cutlery in the incorrect place after a meal, chopping the lettuce in your salad, and even putting your hands under the table as you eat may seem inoffensive at home and in the companionship of those you know. But it can be really embarrassing in other countries. To protect you from any kind of discomfort and save you from the conspicuous looks from those around you, we deliver you a quick and comprehensive guide to basic table manners around the world!

We are doing a series of Table Manners of around the world. And if you have missed the previous ones check the one on ItalyFrance, Germany and Japan. Today it is dedicated to Thailand. So here we go.



– Leave a small amount of rice in your bowl after you’ve finished eating as part of basic table etiquette, unless you want some more, in which case your empty bowl is a sign for the waiter to refill it.

– Take small amounts of each dish onto your plate; taking too much of any dish and hence preventing others from trying it is considered rude and against their dining etiquette.


– Slurp your food, especially if you’re consuming noodles or broth. Loud eating and drinking sounds are against the basic dining etiquettes

– Begin eating or drinking unless the senior-most member of the dinner party has been served first. In Thailand, it is basic table manners to let the elders start first.

These are a few does and don’ts of dining in Germany. We hope it was somehow helpful for you. If you have learnt something from these let us know in comments and stay tuned for table manners from other countries.

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