Wait! What? Rakhi Sawant Being Pakistani Girl In Film n’ In Indian Get-Up?

Rakhi Sawant has been a “Queen of Controversies”. And recently she got trolled by people for posting a picture on Instagram posing with Pakistani Flag. Okay! Later on, after people asking her, she clarified that she is working in a film named Dhara 370 as a Pakistani girl while wearing a low cut blouse and a feather skirt. Basically, she is playing the role of a girl who exposes terrorists in the film. Well, Indians obsession with Pakistani girls and terrorists in Pakistan. Another debate, for some other time. Moreover,…

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Pakistani Cinema Revival – A Last 10-Year’s Review

A decade ago, Pakistani Cinema Industry was facing dark times as the investors were not into putting any effort for something that is considered unfruitful and worthless. There was a ban on Indian movies which contributed in the downfall of the cinema industry since three to four decades. It had made the industry almost worthless and of no value. People started to prefere, to watch movies online or by downloading the pirated versions. During the golden era of Pakistani movies, Lollywood produced a large number of hit films including Maula…

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SANJU is a Real Treat for You with RK nailing it.. BUT WAITTT, It leaked on the Day of its Release.. “In HD..”

Sanju; a Bio-pic of Sanjay Dutt made by Raj Kumar Hirani released and is roaring in cinemas. People are so much liking it as the story line is so strong and Ranbir Kapoor did his best acting representing a real person’s life. Go and watch #Sanju to experience real Sanjay Dutt on screen superbly performed by my favourite actor #Ranbir kapoor bringing real character alive: A heart touching film brilliantly narrated n directed by raju Congratulations @rajuhirani @abhijatj904 @ChopraVidur 4 superhit 🎥 — Subhash Ghai (@SubhashGhai1) June 29, 2018 But…

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This May’18 – Bollywood Wedding Season

Sonam Kapoor weds Anand Ahuja Sonam Kapoor’s announced, and a couple of other celebrities hush-hush weddings happened this month including Himesh Reshmiya and Neha Dhopia. We all enjoyed Sonam Kapoor’s wedding on Instagram that it became a slogan, “Sonam weds on the Instagram”. A lot of celebrities attended the wedding and we enjoyed them as well. People are fantasizing their marriage as the lucky ones to have each other. She and her husband Anand Ahuja looked so perfect with each other.   Shahrukh Khan was a lot happy for her…

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