Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?

Let me introduce you all to the types of Rozay-dar we all come across in the month of Ramzan. 1- The Hoarder. These guys believe in eating anything and everything in suhoor and iftaar. Speed of their hoarding food is impeccable too! If you see them eating from a distance you might think that they are absorbing it all in! Although, watching them hog all the parathas, samosa, chaat and dahi baray ain’t a pretty picture at all! 2- The Hulk. Food is their weakness. They dream about biryani, they…

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The blaming game…. it is NEVER the victim’s fault!

“jb bagair duppatay k bahar jae gi tu yehi hoga” “usko ghar banana nai ata, ghar tu aurat hi banati hai” “woh apni biwi ki zarooratain poori nai karsakta hoga” These are the statements we hear daily. Unfortunately, our ears are so used to them that we fail to comprehend how wrong they are!! Blaming someone or something is one of the ways human mind tries to cope with the loss. More than often people tend to blame the victim for whatever tragedy befell on them. Victim blaming is not necessarily…

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The screwed up stages of a Pakistani rishta process…. let the hunt begin!

Stage 1: It’s a girl In foreign countries when someone visits a newborn baby girl he/she congratulates the parents and then leave, but In Pakistan people not only greet, they also add on some extra (unnecessary) advices too… like: “Allahhh isko acha sa Dulha mil jae bus” “isko ghar-dari sikhana ta k iskay achay rishtay ain” “is k jahaiz ki tayyari abhi sy shuru kar do” “jitna cash mil raha hai is ki shadi k lia bacha k rakhna” Poor parents just have one response: Stage # 2: Beti jawan hogai The dear daughter…

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A letter to Pakistani culture

My Dear Pakistani Culture, Hope your are doing good and flourishing well. I am writing this letter to tell you all your screw up ways I have been noticing since the day I was told “poora rasgulla nai kahana larkian aisay nai karti” (It was a family event, I was a second grader and I still miss my other half of that meethai). I was not qualified then, but now I am married and have a child so according to your standards I can voice my opinions, finally! Acha listen,…

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