Ehede Ramzan – Transmission of Express Tv

Each and every tv channel has their own formats for Ramzan Transmission but Ehede Ramzan was no doubt the most decent transmission aired currently on television. When most of the Tv channels engage in entertainment activities before Iftar Ehede Ramzan was seen educating people and paying tribute to those who are pride of our nation. HOSTS The show Ehede Ramzan is hosted by famous actor Imran Abbas and Javeria Saud GUESTS A number of celebrity guests appeared on the set throughout Ramadan including Mani-Azfar, Naeem Abbas Rufi, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Ushna…

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Tribute to Junaid Jamshed – Express Entertainment Express Entertainment Ramzan transmission, Ehede Ramzan is going on with zest and zeal. The transmission which is youth based and is focused towards inculcating Islam in all fields of life, not only in Ramzan but even in the months to come. The most impressive thing about the transmission is that its paying tribute to the legendary naat khawans. Recently, tribute was paid to Siddiq Ismail and this week, the tribute is being paid to none other than Junaid Jamshed. It is a golden…

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Naat ” Allah Hu Allah” by Imran Abbas and Aima Baig

NAAT “ALLAH HU ALLAH” Allah hu Allah is a famous naat we have loved since long. Express entertainment tried to remind us of a legendary naat “Allah Hu Allah” and this time it is recited by Imran Abbas and Aima Baig. THE SOULFUL NAAT This will not only remind you of the old times but will also impact your heart. Do provide us with your feedback of what you think of this naat. 1,740 total views, no views today

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