5 Really Cheap Eat Place in Lahore

Lahore is considered to be the hub of food and Lahoris are well-known for being the perfect foodies as well. I will not talk too much irrelevant but lets come to the point. Many of us look for some places that are economical as well as good to sit there. I have here brought you a blend of my research as well as my personal experience to share that which places are great for the ones who are looking for cheap places to eat. 1. The Rice Bowl The Rice…

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11 affordable and sufficient deals for Ramadan at Packages Mall food court

Hey guys! I visited Packages Mall today and I came to know about some affordable and great Ramadan deals over there. So, if you are visiting there, this is for you!   ~ Deal – 1, Simply Sufi via Packages Mall ~ Deal – 2, Simply Sufi ~ Deal – 3, Simply Sufi ~ Deal – 4, Simply Sufi ~ Deal – 5, Simply Sufi ~ Deal – 6, OPTP ~ Deal – 7, Subway ~ Deal – 8, Subway ~ Deal – 9, Chacha Jee ~ Deal – 10, Howdy…

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