ATTACK OF FROGGY (Women Card and Moral Lecture)

ATTACK OF FROGGY We all know what is going on between Shroggy and Ducky Bhai. Whether you agree with Ducky or not thats another matter but he did raised a lot of questions. Why did they ban comments with “Bakwas, Chuss, Lame, Fake, Scripted, Copied/Copy? What about the allegations of copying work? What about using the jokes we read on sms back in 2005 and now watching their videos on those jokes with claims like original content? We were actually waiting for all these explanations and then that Froggy thing…

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SHAM IDREES AND THAT FROGGY THING I have been following a number of vloggers since long and Sham Idrees was one of them. I always admired the work of Zaid Ali, Rahim Pardesi and a number of other talented individuals. But whenever I watched any videos of Sham Idrees and that Froggy thing I felt i have heard that joke back in the era of sms jokes. Slowly I realized that each and every joke of Sham Idrees was actually based on sms jokes of 2005.  I unfollowed them after…

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