These Indian Weirdos Just Can’t Digest Respect

Navjot Singh Sidhu is an Indian cricketer who used to play cricket with Imran Khan and is one of his good friends. So, after Imran Khan elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 25 July, Sidhu pa ji gave a green signal to attend the oath taking ceremony of him as an ambassador of peace so he came yesterday. And today he was the part of that ceremony. Thank you Sidhu Ji for coming to Pakistan @sherryontopp — Faisal Javed Khan (@FaisalJavedKhan) August 17, 2018 He was…

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New broadcast news channel by Yousaf Baig Mirza

MEDIA MOGUL YOUSAF BAIG MIRZA SET TO LAUNCH NEW BROADCAST NEWS CHANNEL FOR THE PUBLIC Karachi: May 23, 2018: Since the dawn of the new century, Media Mogul Mr. Yousaf Baig Mirza has sparked the transformation of Pakistani Media. His unprecedented success of launching and stabilising new channels in a fierce market, have triggered the confidence in Mr Baig to prove himself once again. The time has come to add another name to his remarkable portfolio: ‘Public News’ a channel created with supreme work ethic will be at your fingertips…

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