People after watching “INFINITY WAR” (A few spoilers)

AVENGERS : INFINITY WAR Avengers: Infinity War was the most awaited Marvel movie ever made. People waited for 10 years for this crossover but the ending left us all shocked. Each and every second of the runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes was captivating. But what happened in the end was not expected. Let’s see how people on twitter around the globe reacted after watching the movie. I will try my best not to reveal anything but I apologize in advance if you haven’t watched the movie. if you…

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AVENGERS : Infinity War . . . Review (No Spoilers)

AVENGERS: Infinity War I have watched all the movies from “The Hulk” which released in 3000 starring Eric Bana to the last Marvel movie Black Panther. I waited for each Marvel movie more than the previous one and now you can imagine what Avengers : Infinity War meant for a Marvel fan like me. With such a huge cast and to provide all the characters with justified screen-time it was obvious that movie cannot be concluded in just 2 or even in 3 hours time. Once again I would like…

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