PLANTATION DRIVE in Karachi – to combat heat wave

PLANTATION DRIVE IN KARACHI We are witnessing the hottest era of our lifetime. I am 28 years old and lived all my life in Karachi (except a couple of years in Gulf) and I have never seen such hot days back in my childhood. I am sure all my fellow Karachiites will agree with me here. It has been observed that the excessive plantation of a specific tree which destroyed our ecosystem. All the people living in Karachi already know that no one is gonna help them. So its time…

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A guideline for Fairy Meadows and Hunza

CHALLENGES YOU MAY FACE AT FAIRY MEADOWS AND HUNZA As you are already aware of the fact that I am not a youtuber. I am just an ordinary guy who documented his journey from Karachi to Fairy Meadows, Hunza and Naltar valley. I kept all the details in layman terms and my focus was not on the beauty of Pakistan. We all know how beautiful Pakistan is. My focus was on the challenges you may face throughout the journey and how you should handle them. I am very much sure…

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Ramadan Deals 2018 for Sehri & Iftar

Ramadan is a month of blessings and peace. Along with mandatory prayers, food plays an important role during is month. So, we foodies tend to find some good deals to bless our stomach with good food at reasonable prices. Here are some sehri and iftar deals for the residents of Karachi. Don’t forget to share your meal with everyone. We all know that you’re looking for deals to go out with your friends and family. There are many deals and discounts offered by eateries this year, they are trying to…

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WHO is Manzoor Pashteen? Aims and Objectives?

MANZOOR PASHTEEN – A FEW BASIC DETAILS Manzoor Pashteen was born in 1992 and was just a kid when the US led WAR ON TERROR began. He was born in Mawla Khan Sarai, a small village near Sawakai in South Waziristan. He belongs to a poor Pashtun family of the Shamankhel branch of the Mahsud tribe and his father was a school teacher at his village. He received his early education in South Waziristan but his family was internally displaced in 2009 because of Operation Rah-e-Nijat and was sent to…

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Play “HUA KUCH YOON” by KopyKats Productions – REVIEW

HUA KUCH YOON Got a chance to watch #HuaKuchYoon play. There was already so much said about the play so i decided to give it a chance. So, here are my thoughts on it. PLAY REVIEW As soon as the play started, I was taken aback with the excellent and creative execution where shooters were present among the audience and it all seemed so realistic. Moving on, it was revealed that Ainee and Raja are childhood friends who fall for each other as the time passes. But unlike a traditional…

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The return of BITES AND VIBES to Karachi

FOOD PANDA has organized the coolest food market in Karachi with the best bites and chill vibes in December last year. I have been there with the family and absolutely loved the experience. It was a fun experience to taste the best of Karachi eateries at a cap price of just Rs 200. It was a one day event and we all wanted it back. Thank God and foodpanda for listening as they’re back with Bites and Vibes II in Karachi. via: foodventurous EVENT DETAILS: BITES AND VIBES II Date: 18th February, 2018…

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