Manzoor Pashteen: The voice behind ‘Yeh jo dehshat’gardi hai, iske pechay wardi hai’

BBC quoted, ‘Manzoor Pashteen: The young tribesman rattling Pakistan’s army.’ Well, this statement from outer world is somehow hurting for many Pakistanis as Manzoor Pashteen selected to gain support where criticism against army is quite rare. Manzoor Pashteen is a human rights activist from North Waziristan raising voice for peace and talking about releasing the missing persons after Pakistan Army’s operation in Waziristan in 2014. His Pashtun Tahafuz Movement caught strength after the murder of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud in Karachi. Apparently, his cause is peace and means no harm to…

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WHO is Manzoor Pashteen? Aims and Objectives?

MANZOOR PASHTEEN – A FEW BASIC DETAILS Manzoor Pashteen was born in 1992 and was just a kid when the US led WAR ON TERROR began. He was born in Mawla Khan Sarai, a small village near Sawakai in South Waziristan. He belongs to a poor Pashtun family of the Shamankhel branch of the Mahsud tribe and his father was a school teacher at his village. He received his early education in South Waziristan but his family was internally displaced in 2009 because of Operation Rah-e-Nijat and was sent to…

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