Meesha or Ali? Who is Wrong and Who is Right?

Obviously, who we are to judge someone when we don’t even know them personally, so…. we are not doing any kind of judgment here but there are some things that a normal person cannot take off of his/her mind. Sexual Harassment is not a joke. It is not a thing to just let go, so if someone is accusing others, a proper case must be drawn to go through all facts and figures to find out the guilty one. Meesha Ali Controversy is the case just like this. Till now,…

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Meesha, Ali controversy is still on.. Here’s their colleauges reactions

We all know about the going on issue of Meesha and Ali Zafar as Meesha accused him for sexual harassment. So, on this allegation, other people of the industry are not silent and have some views about bith of them. Some are supporting Meesha, some are talking on behalf of Ali and some are neutral and want to get some official investigations. Iffat Umer supporting Meesha Shafi View this post on Instagram I have to address the elephant in the room. It’s not easy for me because I know both…

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Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar for sexual harrassment

Meesha Shafi, a bold and stylish icon of our industry, was seen in Aurat March, at leading spots. Well, that was for some real reason. As she was sexually harrassed by his colleague in industry; Ali Zafar. She talked about this in her recent tweet, by accusing him in sexual harrassment to her. Well, it is something that was shocking and disgusting as she told that she wasn’t even at the start of career or young but while she was an empowered woman and a mother of two. Her tweet…

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