APT # 746 . . . 70 Minutes of laughter

APT # 746 I do watch stage plays at Arts Council whenever I get a chance and have watched legendary pieces like Pawnay 14 August, Sawa 14 August and Aangan Terha. This time a friend asked me to watch the play Apt # 746 at FTC Auditorium in Karachi. I had my reservations as I was not familiar with the team and haven’t watched much of their work previously. PLOT The play revolved around Abbas (Muneeb) and Amna (Fajar) who are in love with each other. Amna’s father is a…

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Play “HUA KUCH YOON” by KopyKats Productions – REVIEW

HUA KUCH YOON Got a chance to watch #HuaKuchYoon play. There was already so much said about the play so i decided to give it a chance. So, here are my thoughts on it. PLAY REVIEW As soon as the play started, I was taken aback with the excellent and creative execution where shooters were present among the audience and it all seemed so realistic. Moving on, it was revealed that Ainee and Raja are childhood friends who fall for each other as the time passes. But unlike a traditional…

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