Jahangir Khan Tareen and Azaad Umeedwar: An Interesting Love Story

Jahangir Tareen is proving to be the King Maker for PTI after elections ’18. Although PTI got major victory but there were still need of some seats to be filled by them for making government. So, they had to come up merging other parties or independent candidates. It all started when Jahangir Tareen brought some independent candidates in his jet to Bani Gala and it went on till PTI completed its required seats in NA and PA. People of Pakistan memefied him for chasing “Azaad Umeedwars” These memes will made…

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Dr. Imran Ali Shah of A.O. Clinic for PS129 Karachi

PTI – PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAF It’s no surprise that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the fastest emerging political party. A political party which is supported immensely by youth and a single mission which is to make our country Pakistan better. Either one support PTI or not, but nobody will ever disagree with the fact that PTI is the only political party which has highest number of educated people on board. Not only they are highly qualified but they have proved themselves in their respective fields.   DR. IMRAN ALI SHAH Similar is an…

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Khwaja Asif disqualified, PTI is celebrating while Noonies are saying it was fixed

Khwaja Asif, the foreign minister of Pakistan, is declared disqualified for the general elections of 2013 from NA-110 as he was not able to fulfill the conditions under the constitution article. For this decision, Usman Dar of PTI said that they lost to Khwaja Asif n 2013. They filled the petition of his disqualification last year for holding a UAE visa. So, after investigating the whole issue, it came into known that he was receiving foreign income and was not qualified. On this decision, people are reacting like Another historic…

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