8 Beautiful Na’ats which will lift up your Spirits

Naat Shareef is poetry for the praise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. Here are some beautiful naats shared with you. 1. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka by Maher Zain 2. Maula Ya Salli Wassalam by Danish Dar and Dawar Farooq 3. Muhammad Nabi’na by Hamada Helal 4. Muhammad Nabi’na by Isa Esambaev 5. Ya Mustafa by Sami Yousuf 6. Ya Musfata by Šejla Kadić 7. Qaseeda Burda Shareef by Mesut Kurtis 8. Marhaba Ya Myustafa by A.R. Rehman 962 total views, no views today

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Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?

Let me introduce you all to the types of Rozay-dar we all come across in the month of Ramzan. 1- The Hoarder. These guys believe in eating anything and everything in suhoor and iftaar. Speed of their hoarding food is impeccable too! If you see them eating from a distance you might think that they are absorbing it all in! Although, watching them hog all the parathas, samosa, chaat and dahi baray ain’t a pretty picture at all! 2- The Hulk. Food is their weakness. They dream about biryani, they…

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RAMADAN AND TARAWIH So the best month of the year Ramadan is here with a chance for all of us to make ourselves a better person. Anyway out focus is not on the Islamic point of views here. Tarawih is a vital part of Ramadan and people do visit for taravIh very strictly. But we also witness a lot of stuff which may spread smiles. So we are gonna tell you about the type of people we see with during Taravih. Please keep in mind that this piece is written…

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This Ramzan, stay hydrated!

Ramzan in summer is a blessing for us. And with that, staying hydrated is an issue. Specially, for a person like me, who has acne problem. I catch acne in this month, and then cure it for the other 11 months. Here are some tips I am gonna take this month, if you are up-to this then you can also give it a try. 1. Avoid taking juice to break your fast Literally, do not drink juice at once to break the fast, other than, drink water. Sugary drink will…

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