Stupid movie Analysis – Hum Aapke Hain Koun

HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN So after long I decided to review a stupid bollywood movie and friends suggested this legendary movie named “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” A number of times friends and others suggested me to watch this legendary movie and write something on it. This one is also a cringeworthy sugarcoated pile of crap by Sooraj Barjatya so I needed courage to watch it. DETAILED ANALYSIS The movie started showing a big family playing cricket and a pilla named Tuffy is their umpire. How creative. Well shouldn’t expect a…

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SANJU – One Man Many Lives I don’t really spend my money on Bollywood movies and who can blame me when SRK, Salman are making pile of crap like Race 3,  Jab Harry Met Sejal etc. I decided to watch Sanju after getting tonnes of positive reviews and because I trust Rajkumar Hirani. DISCLAIMER Please keep in mind that I am an ordinary man so I can’t judge a movie’s screenplay, cinematography and other technical issues but I can only tell what an ordinary person will feel after watching that…

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Race 3’s 3-minute trailer cheesed off the audience

I am sure you have watched the trailer of Race 3, if not, its here. I am going to talk about this piece of disappointment by Bollywood. To remind you, all bollywood films are banned to release on Eid for to weeks. Actually, I usually do not write on these type of things but after watching it, I thought it will be fun to review it. Lets start from the start. (What the hell has happened to me? Is it because of watching the trailer? huh? May be…. Never mind.)…

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People after watching “INFINITY WAR” (A few spoilers)

AVENGERS : INFINITY WAR Avengers: Infinity War was the most awaited Marvel movie ever made. People waited for 10 years for this crossover but the ending left us all shocked. Each and every second of the runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes was captivating. But what happened in the end was not expected. Let’s see how people on twitter around the globe reacted after watching the movie. I will try my best not to reveal anything but I apologize in advance if you haven’t watched the movie. if you…

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AVENGERS : Infinity War . . . Review (No Spoilers)

AVENGERS: Infinity War I have watched all the movies from “The Hulk” which released in 3000 starring Eric Bana to the last Marvel movie Black Panther. I waited for each Marvel movie more than the previous one and now you can imagine what Avengers : Infinity War meant for a Marvel fan like me. With such a huge cast and to provide all the characters with justified screen-time it was obvious that movie cannot be concluded in just 2 or even in 3 hours time. Once again I would like…

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MERE BEWAFA – DRAMA REVIEW – APlus Entertainment

Hina seems to be the thick skinned lady without having a single layer of sympathies for any one. shugufta ejaz is a perfect example of pakistani saas. and i completely adore this character this is so pakistani mother in laws. these ladies have zero sympathies for even a seven year old kid. i personally belief that mona is becoming difficult for shahmeer and playing the perfect victim card. mona is actually hurry to tell the truth to azra but shahmeer wants to keep it as a secret and i belief…

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Sania Mirza is offended by reviews of “Raazi” and we are loving her

First of all, a brief elaboration of Raazi; an Indian film with the main role of Alia Bhatt as “Sehmat”. So, the story is, she is an Indian girl married to a Pakistani Army officer. She carried out her work for India as an Indian spy while being a wife of Pakistani foji, I guess. Trailer shows her an obedient daughter, perfect wife and a patriot. Here’s the trailer, guys! So, coming to our point, someone on twitter, saying this a biopic of Sania Mirza. Wow! Confidence.. Well, Sania Mirza…

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MEREY BEWAFA – Sara Khan and Agha Ali’s emotional drama

MEREY BEWAFA Sara khan and agha aly’s drama merey bewafa packed with powerful emotions only on A-plus Sarah Khan and Agha Ali –starring in Merey Bewafa have been in the news mainly because they are also a real life couple. as their first drama as a couple. Plot Azra is a typical girl who happens to be an obedient, loving wife and cousin of Shahmeer, whereas Shahmeer played by Agha Aly is an arrogant and carefree husband whose priority is just her mother and sisters. He has shown least interest…

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Review “BAAGHI 2” – A kind of Rambo purchased online

BAAGHI 2 I would never agree to watch a movie of Tiger Shroff in theater but it was a bad day I guess and I decided to watch BAAGHI 2. But before starting my review I would like to give my disclaimer. I am not a great critic and I am not qualified to judge the screenplay and other technical issues. My review will only tell you what an ordinary person will feel watching this movie. PLOT Captain Ronny Singh (Tiger Shroff) was asked by his ex Neha Mathur (Disha…

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“Cake” Review – Internal problems of a Burger Family

CAKE I went to watch Cake after reading the strong reviews of reputable publications. But before starting my review I need you to understand that I am just another ordinary man who went to watch a movie. I am not qualified to judge a cinematography and screenplay or other technical issues. I can only tell what an ordinary guy will feel watching that movie. PLOT The movie is a family melodrama. Zareen (Amina Sheikh) is a middle child who has always taken care of her parents in the absence of…

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