I encountered two families who rejected my RISHTA for my dark skin – This Girl has a Sassy Story for You!

A friend of mine sent me her story that she wants to share with you all so here I am telling you in ger narration. Here’s her words..! I am a well-educated girl and a blessed wife who got married a couple of years ago with a well-establised, good looking and the most caring person but finding him was not easy. Trust me, it wasn’t! Here is a fact, I am a girl with dark complexion. Normally, I had not faced anything bad for that from people around me as…

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The screwed up stages of a Pakistani rishta process…. let the hunt begin!

Stage 1: It’s a girl In foreign countries when someone visits a newborn baby girl he/she congratulates the parents and then leave, but In Pakistan people not only greet, they also add on some extra (unnecessary) advices too… like: “Allahhh isko acha sa Dulha mil jae bus” “isko ghar-dari sikhana ta k iskay achay rishtay ain” “is k jahaiz ki tayyari abhi sy shuru kar do” “jitna cash mil raha hai is ki shadi k lia bacha k rakhna” Poor parents just have one response: Stage # 2: Beti jawan hogai The dear daughter…

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