The blaming game…. it is NEVER the victim’s fault!

“jb bagair duppatay k bahar jae gi tu yehi hoga” “usko ghar banana nai ata, ghar tu aurat hi banati hai” “woh apni biwi ki zarooratain poori nai karsakta hoga” These are the statements we hear daily. Unfortunately, our ears are so used to them that we fail to comprehend how wrong they are!! Blaming someone or something is one of the ways human mind tries to cope with the loss. More than often people tend to blame the victim for whatever tragedy befell on them. Victim blaming is not necessarily…

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Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar for sexual harrassment

Meesha Shafi, a bold and stylish icon of our industry, was seen in Aurat March, at leading spots. Well, that was for some real reason. As she was sexually harrassed by his colleague in industry; Ali Zafar. She talked about this in her recent tweet, by accusing him in sexual harrassment to her. Well, it is something that was shocking and disgusting as she told that she wasn’t even at the start of career or young but while she was an empowered woman and a mother of two. Her tweet…

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