The Top 13 Marvel Cinematic Superheros Ranking From Worst To Best

Right now, Marvel Universe has too many characters featuring Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Panther etc. Here is the ranking of worst to best superhero characters list:

13. Hawkeye – Played by Jeremy Renner

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Although Hawkeye has no superhuman powers (with the exception of the period when using Pym particles to become Goliath), he is at the very peak of human conditioning. He is an exception in fencing, acrobat and a great marksman. He has been trained from his childhood by the criminals named Trick Shot and Swordsman.


12. Vision – Played by Paul Bettany

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Vision is basically an Alexa or Siri in form of a human. He had some minor roles in “Age of Ultron” and “Civil War”  and “Infinity War” but he’s one of the strong supporting characters in the Marvel Universe. He is powerful and one f the Infinity Stones on his head brought some necessary drama in the recent installment.

Vision’s journey in “Infinity War” is kind of depressing, because he knew he’s going to die because of the Mind Stone. But it was cool to see how his powers and personality was evolved.


11. War Machine – Played by Don Cheadle


War Machine is the friend of Tony Stark and there is nothing more than that for him to do. He normally keeps check on Tony and isn’t even very good at this.


10. Black Widow – Played by Scarlett Johansson

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Her character in Marvel first appeared in Iron Man 2 where her development was lacking because she hasn’t her own stand alone movie though one is in process. She deserves better and deserves to be higher in the list.


9. Star Lord – Played by Chris Pratt

Star Lord is the character with some daddy issues. He is 80’s music lover and is constant in delivering snappy lines though. He is just the opposite of Thor, a human in outer-space.

In the Infinity War he screwed up the whole plan of the team to take Thanos down just because of his emotions. Oh come on, Star Lord!


8. Iron Man – Played by Robert Downey Jr.

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Tony Stark is probably the most flwed hero in Marvel Universe which was fun in the starting films but with time the character got relentlessly more arrogant, ignoring the need of others and mean.

Tony’s attitude was much humbling in Infinity War because he butts head with Doctor Strange, another hero who was also not much interested in letting his ego go away so yes, Tony Stark, easy peasy!

7. Spider Man – Played by Tom Holland


Peter Parker, a high school ten was played by an age-appropriate actor rather than a grown-up which at once grabbed the attention of the viewers. The character with cheesy lines, a responsible behavior and loyalty to Tony Stark made people fall in love with him.


6. Ant-Man – Played by Paul Rudd

Scott Lang is a formal criminal with an optimistic attitude and a masters in Electrical Engineering. The character hasn’t worked so well if it wasn’t for Paul Rudd, probably the most charming man on the earth.


5. The Hulk – Played by Mark Ruffalo

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The most interesting thing about Dr. Bruce Banner is that every time he refuses but Avengers bring him out to work with them. There was much amount of humor woven with his character that made him a little more interesting.


4. Doctor Strange – Played by Benedict Cumberbatch


Stephen Strange follows the Tony Stark formula. He is a rich, stubborn jerk whose powers come after he’s made a huge mistake. He was texting while driving, met with an accident and then he wasn’t even able to cure himself. But the best thing about this character was he evolved with his powers.


3. Black Panther – Played by Chadwick Boseman


Like Captain America, T’Challa is also one of the best heroes in the universe because he has a moral sense for outside world. The best thing about Black Panther is that he understands that there is a world and people outside of Wakanda who are his responsibility.


2. Captain America – Played by Chris Evans

Captain America is the one with richest background story. He is a sper soldier who was frozen in ice for decades and now his adjustments to modern life are in a great line. He is loyal to his friends and acts with his emotions first.

1. Thor — Played by Chris Hemsworth


Thor’s adventures on Earth and Sakaar have transformed him into one of the powerful and interesting characters. The only thing he hasn’t understood is what a raccoon is. Haha.

His character in Infinity War was one of the best performance which was never seen before by him.

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