Things Meghan Markle Will Have To Adapt To Become A Part Of Royal Family

The excitement of the royal wedding can get anyone hooked up. But don’t overlook the fact that there is a life following the nuptials. And that life comes with a whole set of rules. In this article, we will talk through the things Meghan Markle will have to adapt to become a member of the royal family.

Social Media

Meghan Markle was a prominent Social Media figure. As a successful actress, she gathered a large Instagram following. One of the many rules of being the member of Royal family is they can’t own a social media account. Members of the royal family use a social media manager to update their official social media profiles.


Meghan used to express her political opinions back when she was allowed to use social media. During the elections in the US, she showed her support towards Hillary Clinton. She won’t be able to communicate her political views anymore. Members of the royal family are prohibited from publicly showing their political opinions.


There was a season when Maghen Markle couldn’t get enough of travelling. But now her travelling will have some serious difficulties. As the member of the royal family has severe security issues, travelling for them is extremely complicated. There are measures that are put in place. At times royal members have to plan their travelling 6 months before in order to get all the measures done.

Dinner Party

Meghan Markle definitely would have attended many dinner parties, but none like the royal dinner. For royal dinner, she will have to adapt to a new set of rules. At royal dinners, dinner ends as soon as the queen is done. A waiter stands behind the queen and as soon as she is done he indicates for the table to be cleaned rapidly.

These are only a few of the many things that Meghan will have to adapt to. Yes, it isn’t easy to become a part of a royal family. If you want a part two of this article let us know in the comments.

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