A few things you must try at the Coke Fest


Coke Fest is one of the biggest food festivals of Pakistan. Today is the last day and it is being organized at the Beach Park near Dolmen Mall Hyperstar. It’s an amazing combination of food and music. So here we are gonna tell you about a few things you must try at #CokeFest in Karachi.


I have known the fry guys since long and they know what they make. You must try their Pastrami Sandwich and Fried Chicken in a waffle cone.


The cakes and shakes at Hey Day are a treat to your taste buds. Do visit them once you are done with your main course.


I never actually tried crabs. They used to freak me out. But my friend at Coke Fest insisted me to try and I loved every bite of it. I think now I can eat crabs again.


Apart from the above mentioned ones you can also try Graffodie, Glacier Spon, Figaro Grill, Fit Bite, Dessertland, Del Frio, The Crave Bar, Coco 9, Cold Stone, Chick-o-Cheese, Bella Vita, Pan Asia, Two Guys One Grill, Weappite, Rowtesserie, Broadway Pizza, Venus Foods, Potadose, Pop Up Bar, Mocca, Pekhawar, Kurtos, Khausa Khau, Straight Out A K Town and Zamir Ansari Kabab Center.


A Safeguard contest is also going on at the Coke Fest. You can spot a lot of safeguard Rocket Man all over the place helping people washing hands and stopping the germs but not the fun


Only the parking is going to be a challenge for you as you will have to walk for long after parking your vehicle. But once you are inside it you will forget all the problems. I have been to a lot of festivals but never witnessed a more organized one. Keep one thing in mind that only families are allowed over there.


I won’t say much about the concert but you can judge yourself by watching the following videos:

The TINAK DHIN star Ali Sethi will be performing on the last day of Coke Fest

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