Tips & Tricks to Shop Shoes Online

Eid is around the corner and so is the festive season. There are so many wedding seasons coming just after Eid. Your eid shopping isn’t complete without shoes but you are too lazy to go out to shop for your favourite pair of heels in this crowded bazaars. In this article, we will share few tips and tricks that will assist you in buying shoes online. And you will not regret buying them as you will exactly know what you need to know.

Who doesn’t love a matching pair of shoes with the outfit? Every girl is looking out for the most stylish and latest pair of shoes for the occasion. Sometimes the shoe you love is outa stock or it isn’t available in the nearby store?? Don’t worry.

To get your perfect pair of shoes, you need two basic things.

  1. Accurate Measurement of your foot size in either cm or inches
  2. Global Size – US, UK or Europe Size Charts

Accurate Measurement of your foot size in either cm or inches

For this, place your foot on a paper and mark the toes and the heels. Measure in between and you will get your foot size in inches or cm.

Global Size – US, UK or Europe Size Charts

Source: Karl Lagerfeld Paris

Now you know your size in cm or inches and you have the size chart, match the measurement to the corresponding size in the chart and you will find the correct one.


The next thing you need to know about the shoe you are buying is the specifications. For example, while buying sports shoes the weight of the shoe is very important in how it will affect your activity. The specifications will also tell you the material of the shoe and other important details. So make sure to read the specifications of the product.


If you are buying a pair of heels or wedges, the size of the heel itself is something that can make or break your decision. So be sure to look for this and compare it to the size you already have it in your home.

And voila! You are good to order some glittery shoes for your self online. Do tell us in comments if this article helped you in some way. Stay tuned for more.


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