Traditional Jewellery Hacks

Ethnic jewellery is something we swear by to jazz up a boring kurta or a plain saree. Pairing your outfits with different accessories make a whole lot of difference. Saying that we cannot deny that we have had some struggles with the traditional jewellery. So in this article, we will share few very simple hacks that will help you to deal with those struggles.

Make Maang Tika When You Don’t Have One

Don’t wanna splurge in a mang tika, that you are gonna wear only once? We have got you sorted. In case you don’t have a mang tika that goes with an outfit you can always use a pendant along with a black thread.

  1. Remove the pendant from the chain.
  2. Loop the black thread in your pendant.
  3. Place it on your head and measure the length of the thread accordingly.
  4. Fix the measurement and cut according to that.
  5. Fix it with a bobby pin and don’t forget to cover the black thread with your hairs.

Here you go.

Fixing Tika in Place

Dancing all night on a mehndi where the Tika goes out of place several times?? We have got you sorted.

Either apply some lash glue under your tika and stick it to your head and it won’t move. Or you can also use the double-sided tape to fix the tika in place.

Make sure to use a small amount of whatever you are using and place it in the middle of the tika so that no one can figure out it is stuck.

Make A Loose Ring Fit

You find a ring in the market that perfectly matches your dress but doesn’t fit your finger? If it is loose, buy it because we have got you sorted.

Take a golden thread and wrap it around at the back of your ring. Wrap it unless it fits and then cut and stitch the end part of the thread. Now you can rock the party with your favourite ring as it won’t fall off.

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