Travel To Japan & New York For Food

If you are a foodie, you would already have a list of best cities for food that you wish to tour! The love for food is remarkably exceptional, and people who eat deliberately are the most fortunate people in the universe. The struggle is that life is too short to eat and then there is a plenty of tastiest food in the world. As tragic as that truth is, life is clearly not too short to travel as much as possible of the best food in the world. If you ever needed the inspiration to travel, let your love for food be the driving force that takes you places and brings the world to your plate. As a foodie and a hungry explorer, we bring you some of the best cities for food that should feature in your travel bucket list. You can thank us later!

Tokyo, Japan

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Buffalo, New York

We may fight and conspire against one another for reasons far beyond our understanding. But some of the best food in the world have a way of bringing us together. One of them is a fantastic plate of chicken wings. The dish was first prepared at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and is a winner in the tastiest food in the world category! and is traditionally served with celery or carrot sticks with blue cheese dipping. In 1977 Buffalo declared July 29 to be Chicken Wing Day! Now that’s some serious dedication!

These are two places you must visit if you are a foodie. We have more coming your way so justs stay tuned and show some love.

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